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Catzye™ Reflective Hammock Line

    • Performs like AmSteel®-Blue or Lash-It/Zing-It
    • Reflective tracers shine light back at night
    • Very low stretch, ultralight yet super strong Trevo™ UHMWPE fiber
    • Tighter 12-strand construction
    • Perfect for whoopie slings and ridgelines


    Catzye™ is made from Trevo™ Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) fiber. The same type of fiber used for Dyneema® or Spectra®. Trevo is super strong and has very low stretch, making it perfect for hammock whoopie slings, UCRs, and ridgelines.

    So what makes this different from AmSteel-Blue or Lash-It/Zing-It? ..... reflective tracers. Shine light on the line and the tracers reflect it right back. Sure makes it easier to see your hammock at night or pack up in the dark without forgeting something. It’s easy to splice and the tighter 12-strand construction makes it more snag-resistant than 8 strand AmSteel-Blue or Lash-It/Zing-It. Catzye has a polyurethane coating that helps the line wear longer and hold knots much better than uncoated Spectra lines.

    The 2.8 mm (~7/64 in.) line has more than enough strength for whoopie slings and UCRs. The 1.8 mm (~1/16 in.) line is great for ridgelines but is not strong enough for whoopie slings.

    Catzye is available in 25, 50, or 100 ft (7.6, 15.2, or 30.5 m) lengths.

    Trevo is manufactured by DSM Dyneema. Both Trevo and Dyneema are UHMWPE fibers with very similar properties. When braided into line, Catzye (Trevo) performs like AmSteel-Blue or Lash-It/Zing-It (Dyneema) for hammock applications.


    Compare Catzye Lash-It/Zing-It Catzye AmSteel-Blue
        Diameter 1.8 mm (~1/16 in.) 1/16 in.  2.8 mm (~7/64 in.) 7/64 in.
        Breaking Strength

    675 lb (306 kg) min

    708 lb (321 kg) avg

    500 lb (230 kg) avg 

    1430 lb (649 kg) min

    1500 lb (681 kg) avg

    1400 lb (650 kg) min

    1600 lb (730 kg) avg

        Strands 12  12 8
        Reflective Tracers      




    Length: 25, 50, or 100 ft (7.6, 15.2, or 30.5 m)

    Material: Pre-stretched Trevo™ UHMWPE fiber (like Dyneema or Spectra)

    Coating: Polyurethane

    Construction: 12 strand (11 strands UHMWPE, 1 strand reflective tracers)

    Reflective Tracers: 1

    Colors: Black, Dark Grey, or Orange

    Diameter* Good Use Working Load Limit** Breaking Strength Weight / ft Weight / m
    1.8 mm (~1/16 in.) Ridgelines

    135 lb (61 kg)

    675 lb (306 kg) min

    708 lb (321 kg) avg

    0.031 oz (0.87 g) 0.100 oz (2.84 g)
    2.8 mm (~7/64 in.) Whoopie Slings

    286 lb (130 kg)

    1430 lb (649 kg) min

    1500 lb (681 kg) avg

    0.058 oz (1.64 g) 0.190 oz (5.39 g)

    *Manufactured to metric diameters, inch dimensions shown are closest equivalents. **WWL based on a 5X design factor (DF). MBS/DF=WLL. Not recommended for hanging a bear bag as the bark may wear the reflective tracers.



    • DO NOT use in situations where personal safety or valuable property could be endangered.
    • Inspect before each use. DO NOT use if signs of wear are apparent, such as cuts, broken fibers, unraveling, abrasion, discoloration, or other signs of wear. When exposed to direct sunlight and outdoor elements, deterioration can occur.
    • DO NOT exceed the working load. When used under dynamic (stress, jerk) conditions, additional care must be exercised. These conditions can reduce the working load by as much as 33%.
    • Avoid using knots if possible; splicing is preferable. Knots reduce the strength of the rope up to 50%.
    • DO NOT stand in line with rope under tension; it may recoil (snap back) unpredictably if released or broken.
    • DO NOT use to secure large flat objects that could lift or dislodge through buildup of air pressure underneath.
    • Misuse can result in serious injury or death.

    In no event shall Litesmith, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products.

    Write your own product review

    1. Fantastic tarp ridgeline  star rating

      Posted by John Riddle on 28th Sep 2020

      I purchased this line for a ground tarp ridgeline. Using two micro cordlocks (also from litesmith), I'm now able to tie out bivys under various tarp lengths perfectly. Although this is a bit slick, it holds a bite very easily and the cordlocks don't slip either. Very impressed and hope to order more for other uses.

    2. Great for guy lines on my Superfly  star rating

      Posted by Grant on 5th Sep 2017

      First off, my order shipped unreal fast. I placed my order at 2am Saturday morning and received it Monday. Honestly, it didn't even make sense to me. This cordage is exactly as described and quite reflective. Was even generously cut, or I can't measure but hey, it was at least the 50 feet I ordered. I made four 10ft guy lines and at least a 10ft lead for my dog at night, I cut this piece last and it measured longer than 10ft. This cordage locks and wraps very well around the Dutch fleas I have on my stakes. Have already spent three nights with these on my new superfly and they worked perfectly, no slippage and were easy to adjust when I would convert to porch mode. No complaints at all. Great stuff at a great price

    3. Great line...easy to splice  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 31st Aug 2017

      Used for kitesurfing...great strong line and easy to work with

    4. light and strong  star rating

      Posted by Adrian on 31st Jul 2016

      Light and strong. extremely reflective and visible. A little difficult to form into a whoopee sling but that could just be user error!

    5. Great stuff  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 8th Jul 2016

      Nice to have a small ultralight cord with the strength of amsteel and reflective tracers. Still a little slippery but does hold most knots very well...with some knots you will need to tighten them with care but once they're tight, they hold, and the flexibility of the braid and 12-strands helps a lot. Reflectivity is very good - on par with most reflective cords but not as eye-shocking as some...shows up great at a distance.

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