Shave Secret Shave Oil

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  • Comfortable, close, smooth shave
  • Eliminates the mess of creams, soaps, gels
  • Moisturizes & conditions skin
  • Reduces rashes, nicks, cuts, bumps
  • For men and women
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Ultralight & compact for travel & adventure


If you don’t enjoy growing a scraggly beard while adventuring, Shave Secret Shave Oil provides the most comfortable, close, and smooth shave ever without the usual mess. Face, legs, underarms, or bikini area. Plus, it dramatically reduces shaving rashes, nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and shaving bumps. Shave oil takes the place of all shave creams, soaps, and gels (the mess). And it can be used in place of aftershave lotions, moisturizers, and balms. Just a few drops, perfect for travel and adventure.

Shaving oil? To reduce friction on a surface, you would use a lubricant. With less razor drag, there’s less chance of nicks, cuts, and rashes. Think of your beard as uncooked pasta, hard and brittle. The oils soak into the hairs which fattens and softens them allowing the razor to cut more easily. The oils also help prevent rusting and pitting of the blades, so they last longer. Unlike many shaving soaps that contain a form of salt which corrodes and rusts the blades.

Shave Secret is a proprietary blend of 100% natural seed and nut base oils (no peanut), essential oils, with a hint of menthol and vanilla oil. The base oils are high in emollients that calm, soothe, and nourish to replenish the moisture in your skin. 


How to Use

  1. Generously wet the area to be shaved.
  2. Apply 3-5 drops in your moistened palm and massage into the area to be shaved. Wait a minute, if you can, to allow the moisture and oils to soak into your beard.
  3. Re-wet and shave as normal. Rinse the razor often. If you experience razor drag, add more water, not more shave oil.
  4. No need to rinse, just towel dry.
  5. For an electric razor, apply 1-2 drops in your moistened palm and massage into the area to be shaved and shave as usual.
  6. For more conditioning and moisturizing, apply 3 drops in your palm and massage into the desired area.



  • Moisturizes skin
  • Conditions & heals skin
  • Cleans skin
  • Won’t clog pores
  • No alcohol, soaps, or salts
  • No mineral oil or lanolin
  • Non-GMO
  • No animal testing
  • Gluten free


Dramatically Reduces

  • Nicks & cuts
  • Rashes – legs & neck
  • Shave bumps
  • Ingrown hairs
  • Dry skin
  • Razor drag



Volume: 0.63 oz (18.75 ml)

Weight: 0.72 oz (20.4 g)

Dimensions (Dia x H)Ø0.95 x 2.93 in. (Ø24.1 x 74.3 mm)

Scent: Vanilla spice

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of 100% natural seed and nut base oils (no peanut), steam-distilled essential oils, pharmaceutical-grade menthol, and vanilla tea oil. No preservatives or artificial ingredients.

Made in USA