Adventure Light

Adventure Light 

At Litesmith, we use a lightweight mindset and extensive backcountry experience to design and manufacture better adventure gear. We strive for simple designs that meet the needs of those who like to carry just enough to be safe and comfortable.

We like to think adventure is more about the trail than the summit. About spending time, not money. About connecting, rather than plugging in. And listening, not yacking. About the here and now, instead of the future. Adventure is something memorable, exciting, and new. We hope to join you for an adventure.



I founded Litesmith to help adventurers like you experience and enjoy more wilderness. By understanding and adopting a lightweight mindset, I hope that weekend explorers to thru hikers can go further in the wilderness with less effort, enjoying the splendor around them without worrying about aches and pains.

Using ultralight gear will significantly reduce your load and increase your mileage. Learning new skills will allow you to leave behind the “what if” gear you’ve been carrying on every trip but never use. But most importantly, just get out there and see where adventure takes you.

Ever Better,
Peter Griffith | Chief Designer