CAMP Nano 22 Carabiners

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  • Extremely light climbing-rated carabiners
  • Impressive strength rating
  • No freeze wire gate
  • Great for hammock suspensions


CAMP Nano 22 is one of the lightest climbing-rated carabiners available. They’re designed for fluid use with ropes of all diameters and significantly reduce weight and bulk on a rack. The asymmetric D-shape offers a wider gate opening for easier clipping. With an impressive strength rating for its weight – 21 kN major axis and 8 kN minor axis – they're built for climbing, but work great for hammock suspensions.

An easy-to-use wire gate means less weight with fewer parts to break and a wider gate opening that won’t freeze up in cold or rain. And the lower mass also means the gate is less likely to vibrate open during a fall (gate lash). Although a wire gate carabiner may not appear as strong as a straight or bent gate, they’re plenty strong without the added weight.

At just 0.78 oz (22 g), the Nano 22 is one of the lightest fully-functional carabiners on the market with some unique attributes that set it apart from smaller carabiners. The inner working space is large enough to use a clove hitch with ropes of any diameter. The gate opening is wide enough for easy clipping on the sharp end. And the profiled nose slips in and out of tight chain links.


Perfect for:

  • Racking cams
  • Bolt/gear end of alpine draws
  • Clipping bent pins
  • Clipping through narrow chain links
  • Slipping behind tight webbing anchors
  • Long alpine route weight savings
  • Accessory biner/fully-rated spare


  • Hammock suspensions
  • Large-haul bear bagging
  • Hanging gear




   Body: Aluminum, anodized

   Closure: Wire gate, stainless steel

Size (LxWxD): 3.39 x 2.05 x 0.46 in. (86 x 52 x 11.6 mm)

Gate Opening: 0.83 in. (21 mm)


   Major Axis (length): 4721 lbf (21 kN)

   Minor Axis (width): 1798 lbf (8 kN)

   Open Gate: 2023 lbf (9 kN)

Weight: 0.78 oz (22 g)

Certifications: UIAA 121 and CE EN 12275:2013 B



  • DO NOT use in situations where personal safety or valuable property could be endangered.
  • DO NOT hang a hammock above any objects that could cause injury if you fell on them. DO NOT hang a hammock higher than you can fall without injury while in the hammock.
  • Inspect all hammock components before each use. DO NOT use if signs of damage are apparent to the rope, splice, webbing, fabric, stitching, or hardware. When exposed to direct sunlight and outdoor elements, deterioration can occur.
  • DO NOT exceed the working load. When used under dynamic (stress, jerk) conditions, additional care must be exercised. These conditions can reduce the working load of rope by as much as 33%.
  • DO NOT stand in line with rope under tension; it may recoil (snap back) unpredictably if released or broken.
  • Misuse can result in serious injury or death.

In no event shall Litesmith, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products.

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  • 5
    Held up my hammock

    Posted by Ruthyc on 8th Jul 2024

    I used these in my hammock suspension, they held my MYOG hammock with underquilt, tarp and bugnet and my 140lb self.

  • 5
    Best lightweight Carabiner I've found

    Posted by Shelley Chacon on 29th Nov 2020

    I do not climb but spent some time in gear stores weighing climbing carabiners and these were the lightest. Just bought more

  • 5
    Effective & Lightweight

    Posted by David on 5th Jul 2020

    These are serious carabiners. At 22 g they are amazing. Thanks Litesmith!