Nitecore® NU25-UL USB-C Rechargeable Headlamp

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  • 3 Sources – Spotlight, Floodlight, Red
  • Brightness up to 400 lumens, runtime up to 45 hours
  • 4 brightness levels + 2 rescue modes
  • Red light preserves night vision
  • Integrated Li-ion USB-C rechargeable battery
  • Plug into power bank to recharge
  • Lightweight  1.64 oz (46.5 g)


Nitecore® NU25-UL is a USB-C rechargeable headlamp with three distinct sources – Spotlight, Floodlight, and Red. This innovative headlamp has four brightness levels up to 400 lumens in Mix mode, a runtime of up to 45 hours on Ultralow, a red light to preserve night vision, plus two rescue modes. The standard dual shock cord UL headband is comfortable and highly adjustable to fit your head, hat, or helmet. And recharge by simply plugging into a power bank. A true thru hiker fav.

NU25 uses unibody TIR optics to provide 100˚ wide-angle flood illumination for outstanding night vision with one source plus more focused spot illumination for longer distance vision with the other. Or use Mix mode to combine spot and flood for a more fully illuminated field. For reading or close-up work, the light tilts down up to 50˚. There’s also a red light to help preserve night vision that won’t blind your friends. Use during star gazing, map reading, night photography, gear organizing, or doing camp chores. Use Slow Flash for a repeated short red flash to indicate caution.


nitecore-nu25ul-sources.png   nitecore-nu25ul-power-mode.png   


The headlamp has two buttons – POWER and MODE. Double press POWER to direct access Ultralow. Or long press POWER once for Low in Mix mode. Repeatedly press POWER to cycle from Low>Mid>High>Low. Short press MODE to switch modes. Repeatedly press MODE to cycle from Mix>Spotlight>Floodlight>Red>Mix. When Spotlight/Floodlight is on, repeatedly press POWER to switch from Low>Mid>Low. Long press either button to turn off.



For direct access to Red, long press MODE for Low, then repeatedly press POWER to cycle from Low>Short Flash>Low. Long press either button to turn off.

You can also access two rescue modes, SOS and Beacon. SOS repeatedly flashes SOS in Morse code (. . . ––– . . .), while Beacon repeatedly flashes a single short flash. Double press MODE to enter SOS mode. Repeatedly press POWER to cycle from SOS>Beacon>SOS. Double press MODE again to return to the previous state.

Long press both buttons at the same time to lockout and prevent the light from turning on while in your pocket or pack. The headlamp flashes three times to indicate lockout. Long press both buttons again to reactivate the headlamp and enter Ultralow mode.



NU25 has a built-in, long-lasting 650 mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that’s much more sustainable than AAA batteries. An intelligent protective charging circuit and a USB-C connection make it quick and easy to recharge. There’s no need to worry about running out of power or replacing batteries, just plug into a power bank, wall charger, computer, or car (USB cable provided). The light maintains full functionality while charging.

To see how much battery power is left, with the light turned off, short press MODE and blue power indicators will light up. One light equals 25% left, 2 lights 50%, 3 lights 75%, and 4 lights 100%. Plug it in and the four blue lights will flash. When charging is complete, the four blue lights will become steady on. It takes approximately 1 h 25 min to fully charge the battery. A rubber cover protects the USB-C port from dirt and moisture.


Compare Headlamps

Compare Nitecore NU21 Nitecore NU25-UL
   White Mix  
   White Spotlight Only    
   White Floodlight Only    
   White Ultralow 6 lumens/37 h 6 lumens/45 h
   White Low 60 lumens/8 h 60 lumens/10.4 h
   White Mid 160 lumens/3.5 h 200 lumens/4.7 h
   White High 360 lumens/2 h 400 lumens/2.7 h
   Red Low 5 lumens/26 h 10 lumens/16 h
   Battery 500 mAh 650 mAh




LED Mode Output (lumens) Runtime (hours/min) Beam Distance ft (m) Beam Intensity (cd)
  White – Spotlight + Floodlight Mix Low 60 10 h 25 min 79 (24) 150
Mid 200 4 h 40 min 148 (45) 525
High 400 2 h 40 min 210 (64) 1029
SOS 400      
Beacon 400      
  White - Spotlight Low 60 10 h 30 min 102 (31) 253
Mid 200 4 h 15 min 190 (58) 862
  White - Floodlight Ultralow 6 45 h 13 (4) 4
Low 60 10 h 39 (12) 39
Mid 200 4 h 15 min 75 (23) 138
  Red Low 10 16 h 26 (8) 15
Slow Flash 10      


LED Color Temperature

     Spotlight: 5500K, Neutral White

     Floodlight: 5500K, Neutral White    

Battery: Built-in rechargeable Li-ion, 650 mAh

Lighting Modes

     Spotlight + Floodlight Mix: Low/Mid/High/SOS/Beacon

     Spotlight: Low/Mid

     Floodlight: Ultralow/Low/Mid    

     Red: Low/Slow Flash

Beam Pattern

     Floodlight: 100˚ wide-angle    

Body: Polycarbonate, impact resistant

Angle Adjustment: 5

Switch: Top Power and Mode buttons, rubber

Charging Connection: USB-C, side, rubber cover (USB-A to USB-C cable provided)

Charging Time: 1 h 25 min fast charge

Dimensions, Light with Bracket (LxWxH)

     NU25-UL Headlamp: 2.37 x 1.3 x 1 in. (60.1 x 33 x 25.5 mm)    

USB Cable Length: 20 in. (0.5 m)


     NU25-UL Headlamp Total: 1.64 oz (46.5 g) measured, 1.59 oz (45 g) specified

     USB Cable: 0.5 oz (14.3 g)

Impact Resistance: 3.3 ft (1 m)

Ingress Protection Rating: IP66, complete dust protection and high-pressure water jet resistant


     1x Rechargeable headlamp with UL headband

     1x USB-A to USB-C charging cable, 20 in. (0.5 m) long     


User Manual

Nitecore NU25-UL User Manual



  • Very bright light, to avoid eye injuries, DO NOT stare directly into the light and DO NOT shine the light directly into the eyes of others.
  • Keep away from children to avoid injury.
  • DO NOT use if battery is damaged to avoid fire or explosion.
  • Charge in or on a fire-proof surface to avoid possible injury. DO NOT charge unattended.
  • Charge only at temperatures between 32-113°F (0-45°C) to avoid permanent damage and possible fire or explosion during charging.
  • Recycle or dispose of properly according to local regulations at end of life, DO NOT dispose in fire or incinerator as battery may catch fire and explode.

In no event shall Litesmith, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products.