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  • Relax in a QwikBack™ UL Chair
  • The QwikBack™ seat and poles roll up into an integrated pouch for storage
  • Insert the poles in the reinforced pockets on the QwikBack™ UL Chair
  • Relax in a QwikBack™ UL Chair
  • QwikBack™ UL Chair

QwikBack™ UL Chair

4 week lead time, built to order, whole order ships when chair is completed
Maximum Purchase:
10 unit(s)

    4 week lead time, built to order, whole order ships when chair is completed


    • Ultralight - just 2.65 oz (75 g)
    • Durable ripstop nylon seat
    • Strong yet light carbon fiber poles
    • Integrated pole storage
    • Folds into a compact, self-contained package


    After several days of hiking, one thing we miss in the backcountry is a chair. But most are too heavy and bulky to even consider carrying as a luxury item. The QwikBack™ UL Chair changed our thinking and made backpacking more relaxing. At just 2.65 oz (75 g), it's hard to leave at home. "What's wrong with a log?", you say. Well, nothing, but after a long day of hiking or even at a lunch stop, something comfortable to lean back on just makes life more enjoyable.

    The QwikBack UL Chair is made in the USA of durable materials - ripstop nylon seat and twill carbon fiber poles - for years of backcountry enjoyment. Heck, you could even take it with you to the park or outdoor concert.

    The design is super simple, but it takes a little getting used to because unlike most chairs, this one doesn't stand on its own. First you insert the poles in the reinforced pockets on the chair back, crossing them in an X pattern. Next you sit on the wide end of the seat on the ground with the poles under the fabric. Then prop up the poles behind you and lean back on the chair. Large diameter feet keep the poles from sinking into the ground. To make adjustments, just reach back and grab the poles, lean forward a little, and move them to a better position. Now lean back and relax.


    qwikback-chair-pole-pockets-text2.jpg    qwikback-chair-sit-on-end-text2.jpg    qwikback-chair-adjust-legs-text.jpg    qwikback-chair-sitting-back-side-text.jpg


    When it's time to pack up, the chair folds into a compact, self-contained package. Simply remove the poles from the seat and fold them in half. The poles are shockcorded and connected in an assembly so they're easy to pack without losing any pieces. Starting at the top with the dirty side in, roll the poles inside the seat. When you reach the bottom, tuck the roll into the integrated pouch. No extra bag to keep track of.


    qwikback-chair-folding-poles-text.jpg    qwikback-chair-begin-rolling-text.jpg    qwikback-chair-tuck-in-pocket-text.jpg


    For a little more cushion and insulation from the ground, add our Folding Sit Pad. The pad can be placed either under the chair seat or on top and adds just 0.98 oz (27.8 g). When used under the seat, the pad slips into the integrated pouch. If you find the chair seat material slippery, try a pad on top.








    Litesmith QwikBack UL Chair Review by Mark B



    Seat: 1.9 oz ripstop nylon, PU coated, black

    Poles: Roll-wrapped twill carbon fiber

    Dimensions Packed (LxWxD): 13.25 x 2.75 x 1.5 in. (33.7 x 7 x 3.8 cm)

    Weight: 2.65 oz (75 g)

    Load Capacity: 250 lb (113 kg) person



    • DO NOT use in situations where personal safety or valuable property could be endangered.
    • DO NOT use the chair around any objects that could cause injury if you fell over on them.
    • Inspect all chair components before each use. DO NOT use if signs of damage are apparent to the fabric, stitching, poles, or hardware. When exposed to direct sunlight and outdoor elements, deterioration can occur.
    • DO NOT exceed the maximum load capacity.
    • Misuse can result in serious injury or death.

    In no event shall Litesmith, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products.

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    1. The best non-chair out there.  star rating

      Posted by Jason McGrath on 16th Feb 2023

      It's not really a chair, but it's my favorite ultralight sitting solution. I've used it for a one summer and I plan to bring it along again this year. The only knock against it is that it is a little slippery to sit on. But I can use this in my tent! I don't do a ton of sitting when I hike so this is perfect for me.

    2. Awesome chair!  star rating

      Posted by Catherine A Rigsby on 18th Jan 2023

      I bought this chair for my husband before a backpacking trip to the Pyrenees. He was skeptical. But, once he used it he was sold. He loves it!
      The chair is comfortable and so amazingly light that adding it to your pack is a complete no-brainer. Having something to lean back on during lunch breaks, at dinner time, etc. is an awesome luxury. With this chair, that luxury is easy. Now I want one too!

    3. Incredible :-)  star rating

      Posted by Carrie on 31st Dec 2022

      What an amazing chair! It is so light and compact yet provides EXCELLENT back support while sitting outside or in the tent while reading. I received it for Christmas and have already used it while on a hike to sit comfortably eating my lunch. Needless to say, it will be going backpacking. But in the meantime, It will live in my daypack ready for any adventure on the trail!!

    4. 空っぽの封筒を輸入したかと思いました。  star rating

      Posted by HIDETO YOSHIYAMA on 4th Nov 2022




    5. Still Luxury  star rating

      Posted by Hiram on 26th Sep 2022

      It's still a chair but it is only a fraction of the oz's or the lightest lite chair, So it gives you another option.
      Very light, well made and more comfortable than a rock, not as comfortable as a hiker chair.
      I'm happy for the grams.

    6. Amazing lightweight chair  star rating

      Posted by Tim Scudder on 28th Jun 2022

      Not only is this perfect for bike packing, but also for concerts…the look my friends faces when I pulled things out was priceless…then they went online and ordered one too.

    7. Exactly what I hoped it would be  star rating

      Posted by James P. on 26th May 2022

      I just finished shaking this chair down on ~90 miles/ 4 days on the North Country Trail in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I purchased it because i wanted something that was small, light, and would let me sit upright in my tent w/ some back support (I use both a Big Agnes Salt Creek SL2 and a Durston X-Mid 2). This chair nailed it. The weather was very sloppy on multiple nights and this gave me a comfortable way to lounge “inside”. I also own a Helinox Chair Zero, which I like but which is completely unsuitable for this specific application (not to mention much bulkier + 6x heavier). I would say there’s a slight learning curve to getting the chair set for [your own] maximum comfort, but if you follow the instructions and tinker a bit, you’ll have it dialed in no time. I don’t think it will fully replace my Chair Zero—but given the weight and size—I have a hard time imagining a situation where I wouldn’t take it along.

    8. Very light weight luxury item!  star rating

      Posted by PHIL MORNEAULT on 11th May 2022

      I have not used it yet on a backpacking trip yet but have tested it a couple times at home and appears to work well, easy to set up, put away and is comfortable. Its super light and I like the idea that im on the ground so can use while making meals.

    9. will know more soon  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 6th May 2022

      I haven’t tried this on the trip yet, but plan to give it to my husband as a 30th anniversary present — when we are hiking in the Pyrenees (on the GR20). From my home test it will be perfect. He always has a hard time resting against his backpack (as I do) during our picnic lunches on the trail. This should solve that problem nicely. And for a VERy low cost, weigh-wise. :)

    10. It’s perfect!  star rating

      Posted by Jesse “OutLaw” on 30th Apr 2022

      Exactly what I needed so I can rest my back while backpacking. Super light and hardly takes up any space. Very well made!

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