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  • Relax in a QwikBack™ UL Chair
  • The QwikBack™ seat and poles roll up into an integrated pouch for storage
  • Insert the poles in the reinforced pockets on the QwikBack™ UL Chair
  • Relax in a QwikBack™ UL Chair
  • QwikBack™ UL Chair

QwikBack™ UL Chair

4 week lead time, built to order, whole order ships when chair is completed

    4 week lead time, built to order, whole order ships when chair is completed


    • Ultralight - just 2.65 oz (75 g)
    • Durable ripstop nylon seat
    • Strong yet light carbon fiber poles
    • Integrated pole storage
    • Folds into a compact, self-contained package


    After several days of hiking, one thing we miss in the backcountry is a chair. But most are too heavy and bulky to even consider carrying as a luxury item. The QwikBack™ UL Chair changed our thinking and made backpacking more relaxing. At just 2.65 oz (75 g), it's hard to leave at home. "What's wrong with a log?", you say. Well, nothing, but after a long day of hiking or even at a lunch stop, something comfortable to lean back on just makes life more enjoyable.

    The QwikBack UL Chair is made of durable materials - ripstop nylon seat and twill carbon fiber poles - for years of backcountry enjoyment. Heck, you could even take it with you to the park or outdoor concert.

    The design is super simple but it takes a little getting used to because unlike most chairs, this one doesn't stand on its own. First you insert the poles in the reinforced pockets on the chair back, crossing them in an X pattern. Next you sit on the wide end of the seat on the ground with the poles under the fabric. Then prop up the poles behind you and lean back on the chair. Large diameter rubber feet keep the poles from sinking into the ground. To make adjustments, just reach back and grab the poles, lean forward a little, and move them to a better position. Now lean back and relax.


    qwikback-chair-pole-pockets-text2.jpg    qwikback-chair-sit-on-end-text2.jpg    qwikback-chair-adjust-legs-text.jpg    qwikback-chair-sitting-back-side-text.jpg


    When its time to pack up, the chair folds into a compact, self-contained package. Simply remove the poles from the seat and fold them in half. The poles are shockcorded and connected in an assembly so they're easy to pack without loosing any pieces. Starting at the top with the dirty side in, roll the poles inside the seat. When you reach the bottom, tuck the roll into the integrated pouch. No extra bag to keep track of.


    qwikback-chair-folding-poles-text.jpg    qwikback-chair-begin-rolling-text.jpg    qwikback-chair-tuck-in-pocket-text.jpg


    For a little more cushion and insulation from the ground, add our Folding Sit Pad. The pad can be placed either under the chair seat or on top and adds just 0.98 oz (27.8 g). When used under the seat, the pad slips into the integrated pouch. If you find the chair seat material slippery, try a pad on top.








    Litesmith QwikBack UL Chair Review by Mark B



    Seat: 1.9 oz ripstop nylon, PU coated, black

    Poles: Roll-wrapped twill carbon fiber

    Dimensions Packed (LxWxD): 13.25 x 2.75 x 1.5 in. (33.7 x 7 x 3.8 cm)

    Weight: 2.65 oz (75 g)

    Load Capacity: 250 lb (113 kg) person



    • DO NOT use in situations where personal safety or valuable property could be endangered.
    • DO NOT use the chair around any objects that could cause injury if you fell over on them.
    • Inspect all chair components before each use. DO NOT use if signs of damage are apparent to the fabric, stitching, poles, or hardware. When exposed to direct sunlight and outdoor elements, deterioration can occur.
    • DO NOT exceed the maximum load capacity.
    • Misuse can result in serious injury or death.

    In no event shall Litesmith, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products.

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    1. Creative and awesome product  star rating

      Posted by Birgit G on 2nd Sep 2020

      I have been patiently waiting for this chair because I love to read in high country meadows after a day of backpacking and have sadly felt that other chairs were too heavy. This chair exceeded my expectations and worked beautifully on both rock and soft surfaces. I did also order the lightweight sit pad and this really improved the comfort and function of the chair. This will be coming on all future trips and I'll be purchasing another several for friends later.

    2. UL and it works  star rating

      Posted by JR on 13th Jul 2020

      I weigh ~194lbs and I didn't have any issues. I used the chair on rock plateaus as well as directly on the ground.

      I do recommend some kind of seating pad but it's certainly not required (I didn't use one).

    3. Super light and a great way to relax with your coffee  star rating

      Posted by Diane on 6th Jun 2020

      I bought this chair knowing it would be a little fiddly to sit in, but it's really not that hard to get it right. It's great to have a way to sit back and savor your coffee or just sit and listen to the sounds of the forest. I used the back pad of my pack to cushion my behind. I'm a small person, 5'3" and the chair for me is comfortable to sit in and a great way to improve my camping comfort while adding negligible weight to my gear.

    4. Amazingly comfortable ultralight chair  star rating

      Posted by SaS on 31st May 2020

      Wow! A dream come true: an amazingly comfortable chair for only 2.65 ounces (but I had to also use the 1 ounce seat pad inside the end section folded inside out to keep from sliding down). Note however that this chair is not very robust and must be treated carefully. How could it be at less than 3 ounces? But I'm a small person (120 lbs) and it works great for me and will always be in my pack. I can't imagine camping without it now.

    5. Novel idea!!  star rating

      Posted by Itsuko mitsuyama on 17th Feb 2020

      We are satisfied with the design and storage method.
      The back can be adjusted to your liking and relaxed.
      I want to use the seat pad in combination with the seat.

    6. awesome chair  star rating

      Posted by Rodney Nooe on 14th Jul 2019

      I can't say enough good things about this chair. Bout it as a means to both downsize pack weight and have comfort on my day hikes. It by far exceeded my expectations. Takes a little getting use to but, its very comfortable once you figure it out. I added a small sit pad to it as a ground barrier however; it makes for a nice addition with the padding. You can't go wrong with it. Worth every penny.

    7. Does the trick  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 11th Jul 2019

      Good lightweight chair, (nothing lighter) ' you definitely need to bring a butt pad along to use this for extended periods of time. Would be five stars except the price seems a bit excessive... But for the super light nerds it's a no brainer.

    8. This is what I'd been looking for  star rating

      Posted by Lester on 15th Jun 2019

      This QwikBack chair checks all the boxes for me: Very lightweight; I could never justify the backpacking chairs that weigh a full pound or more. A simple setup; not fiddly or time-consuming to set up. Comfortable and supportive; I use it with the sit-pad that I carry all the time anyway. Not bulky to carry; it's nice the way it rolls up into itself.

      I've tried a number of chairs and methods for making chairs when backpacking because I really like to have back support when I sit in camp at night. This chair is the best design I've seen for this purpose.

    9. Ultralighter's dream come true  star rating

      Posted by Ronald Kerley on 22nd May 2019

      Haven't tried this in the field yet, but I can tell it will be great.I attached a Gossamer Gear Nightlight pad with Velcro discs and it actually stays up
      when I get up! Love it!

    10. Backcountry Luxury  star rating

      Posted by Art H. on 20th Sep 2018

      Amazing design and superior customer service! Plus being the envy of your friends on the trail who didn't bring one.

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