Tethered Sliders for Vecto

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  • Customize your Vecto
  • Replace a lost/broken slider
  • Tethered slider can’t be lost
  • Hang loop for gravity filtering


Tethered Sliders are for use on Vecto Water Bladders. The slider is tethered to the bladder so it can’t be lost. They feature a hang loop for gravity filtering.

Change the color of your Vecto with one of these sliders to differentiate from your hiking partner. Or use color to indicate use, for example clean or dirty water. Add a matching Tethered Cap or mis-match them to showcase your creativity. 

Includes a tether.

NOT compatible with VectoX.




     Slider: ABS

     Tether: TPU

Weight: 0.56 oz (15.9 g)