Tornado 636 Slimline Whistle

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  • Super Loud 117 dB, tri-frequency trill
  • Fail-safe, works in all conditions
  • Around your neck, on your pack
  • Ultralight - just 0.2 oz (5.6 g)


The Tornado 636 Slimline Whistle is one of the best all-around safety whistles available. It’s super loud at 117 dB with a high pitch tri-frequency trill sound. Two high pitch frequencies to help pinpoint your location and a lower pitch for long range all sound simultaneously. The profile is slim to fit comfortably under your shirt or in your pocket. And it weighs just 0.2 oz (5.6 g).

This whistle works in all conditions due to its pealess design. It’s fail safe with no moving parts that might lock up or freeze and a plastic body won’t stick to your lips in the cold. The tapered mouthpiece is comfortable and easy to grip hands-free in your mouth when you’re injured or tired. It’s unaffected by water, even complete immersion. And meets SOLAS international regulations for use at sea. It’s very loud, so cover your ears.

The best whistle is the one you have on you when you need it. This slimline whistle can be worn comfortably around your neck and under your shirt so you always have it with you. Attach a lanyard to the split ring or attach the whistle directly to a zipper pull, belt loop, key chain, or your pack so you’re prepared.

Acme has produced quality whistles made in the UK since 1870. There is no whistle today that doesn’t owe its existence to a concept or design pioneered by Acme. Every Acme whistle is individually tested and guaranteed.


If you need to be rescued in North America

  • Blow three short blasts with one second between them.
  • Rest one minute.
  • Repeat as long as you can.
  • You can blow a whistle much longer than you can yell for help.

Rescuer reply

  • Two short blasts with one second between them.



Sound Level: 117 dB max (Every 10 dB increase approximately doubles perceived loudness)

Material: Plastic

Dimensions (LxWxT): 2.0 x 0.79 x 0.39 in. (50.6 x 20 x 10 mm)

Ring Inside Diameter: 0.52 in. (13.3 mm)

Ring Mounting Slot Dimensions: 0.15 x 0.17 in. (3.7 x 4.3 mm)


   With Ring: 0.20 oz (5.6 g)

   Without Ring: 0.17 oz (4.8 g)



  • This whistle is very loud. Continuous use may cause hearing loss. Wear ear protection.

In no event shall Litesmith, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products.

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  • 5

    Posted by Jason McGrath on 14th Apr 2024

    This thing is louder than the fox 40 and smaller!

  • 5
    Light and loud

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Aug 2021

    Plenty loud.

  • 5
    Nice and light necessity

    Posted by Larry Moran on 30th Mar 2021

    This little whistle will work perfectly for my kit. You can’t yell for very long when you’re lost. Get this whistle!

  • 4
    Cover your ears !!

    Posted by John Q. Public on 19th Jul 2020

    Picked the orange whistle for ease of sight in case of emergency. Should be in every ones possession. Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Best Emergency Whistle, Based on my Testing

    Posted by MNron on 4th Aug 2019

    After I bought this whistle I tested it against 8 other whistles I had accumulated, including 3 others that were marketed as "emergency" or "rescue" whistles. Of the 9 whistles, this Tornado 636 was clearly the loudest (when whistler was facing away from listener at 1/4 mile), easiest to blow hands-free (it has a "lip" that's easy to hold with teeth) , was the smallest, and was only 0.1 g heavier than the lightest "emergency" whistle. It does the job and is easy to carry and use. I immediately bought more for all the outdoorsy members of my family.