Water Filter Inline Adapters

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  • Add a water filter to your hydration pack
  • Screw adapters together when filter is removed
  • Works with Sawyer Squeeze and Micro Squeeze


Add a Sawyer® Squeeze or Micro Squeeze Water Filter inline to your hydration reservoir. These adapters screw on each end of the filter, providing a fitting to push on the hydration tubing. They are designed to fit the industry standard ¼ in. inner diameter tubing found on most hydration reservoirs.

Figure out where you want to insert the filter and simply cut the drink tube. Push the tubing on the adapters, making sure the filter flow arrow points towards the bite valve. Now you can fill the bladder with dirty water and drink clean, safe water from your drink tube. When the filter is not needed, unscrew the filter from the adapters and screw the two adapters together to reconnect the drink tube. Remember to thoroughly clean a dirty bladder before drinking from it without a filter.





Thread: 28 mm

Hose Fitting: for ¼ in. inner diameter tubing, hydration reservoir industry standard


     Adapter: Plastic

      Gasket: Rubber


      Blue Adapter (female thread): 0.26 oz (7.3 g)

      Grey Adapter (male thread): 0.16 oz (4.4 g)

Made in USA