Lighten Up!

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  • Best introduction to lightweight backpack we've found
  • Perfect for newbies and heavy-packing friends
  • Humorously illustrated


This is the book we recommend reading first about lightweight backpacking. Rather than talk about specific pieces of gear, it describes the change in mindset needed for ultralight backpacking. It doesn't tell you what to buy but guides you on how to decide what to buy. It's perfect for newbies or traditional backpackers who want to learn how to make the transition to a lighter, more streamlined approach. Get it for your heavy-packing friends you want to push toward the lighter side. Even experienced backpackers will learn some tips and tricks to make their trips more enjoyable.

Walking into the wilderness with a pack on your back is an empowering experience - even more so when that pack you're carrying isn't weighing you down. Lighten Up! shows you how to pack light without sacrificing the essentials or your safety. Featuring solid advice and trail-tested tricks from outdoors expert Don Ladigin and more than 150 humorous and helpful illustrations by the incomparable Mike Clelland.

Short, to-the-point, and humorously illustrated, this book presents everything hikers and backpackers need to be safe, comfortable, and well fed while carrying a very small and lightweight pack.


About the Author

DON LADIGIN has been hiking for more than twenty-five years and has taught the Ultralight Backpacking class at the University of Oregon since its inception in 2000.

About the Illustrator

MIKE CLELLAND is a NOLS instructor and illustrator who studied Mad magazine rather than go to art school. He is the author and illustrator of numerous books on backpacking, skiing, and mountaineering.



Publication: 5/1/2005

Pages: 112

Binding: Paperback