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  • Suunto MC-2 Mirror Compass
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Markings
  • Notch
Center Line
  • Sight a distant object
See the needle simultaneously
  • Fold closed
Protect the mirror
  • Slope ruler markings

Suunto® MC-2 NH USGS Mirror Compass

    • High-grade steel needle, liquid filled, jewel bearing
    • Northern hemisphere balanced
    • Adjustable declination correction
    • Mirror for sighting direction and signaling
    • Slope measuring clinometer
    • Luminescent markings for low light
    • USGS UTM scales
    • Magnifying lens
    • Detachable lanyard


    MC-2 is an advanced mirror compass with top-of-the-line features for precise directional measurement. When venturing out into new territory, this sighting compass offers precision navigation with carefully engineered and dependable features for challenging conditions. MC-2 is an accurate compass for serious adventurers with experience navigating with a map and compass.

    This compass has a liquid-filled capsule with a high-grade steel needle on a jewel bearing for stable operation. The needle is balanced for the northern hemisphere. The rotating bezel is marked in 2° increments. Declination is adjustable before your adventure by turning a screw on the compass back with a built-in key to compensate for local magnetic declination, eliminating the need for manual compensation with each sighting. Luminous glow-in-the-dark markings on the bezel, orienting markings, and direction of travel aid in low light conditions.

    MC-2 is differentiated by its mirror and clinometer. The mirror reflects the compass face so you can see the needle direction while simultaneously sighting a distant object. The mirror has a notch, hole, and center line for precise sighting. As a side benefit, the mirror can also be used for emergency signaling and grooming. The clinometer is used to measure slope incline, useful in snowy conditions for determining avalanche risk.

    The transparent baseplate has inch rulers with imperial and UTM scales for measuring distance on a map. A magnifying lens will help read map detail. The included snap-lock lanyard detaches for working with a map. The compass folds closed to protect the mirror and compass in storage.


    Compare Suunto Clipper Suunto A-10 Suunto M-3 Suunto MC-2
       Weight 0.18 oz/5 g 1.06 oz/30 g 1.62 oz/46 g 2.61 oz/74 g
       Resolution 10°
       Declination   Fixed Adjustable Adjustable
       Scales   Inch/Metric Inch/Metric Inch
       Magnifying Lens    



    MC-2 NH USGS Mirror Compass

    Quick-Release Lanyard with wristlock and declination correction key

    Quick Guide



    Needle: High-grade steel, northern hemisphere balanced, jewel bearing

    Capsule: Liquid filled

    Bezel: 0-360° rotation, 2° increments, 2.5° accuracy, luminescent

    Luminous Markings: Bezel, orienting markings, direction of travel

    Declination Correction: Adjustable

    Scales: inch, 1:24,000 mi, 1:24,000 UTM, 1:50,000 UTM

    Sighting: Mirror, notch, and hole

    Clinometer: 0 ± 90° scales, 2° increments, 2° accuracy

    Dimensions (LxWxD): 3.98 x 2.56 x 0.71 in. (101 x 65 x 18 mm)

    Weight: 2.61 oz (74 g)

    Operating Temperature: -22° to +140° F (-30° to +60° C)

    Storage Temperature: -22° to +140° F (-30° to +60° C)


    User Guide

    Suunto Mirror Compass User Guide


    Made in Finland

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