take less. do more.

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  • Ultralight backpacking wisdom
  • Surprising life lessons
  • Stories of a legend


Adventures provide the richness and texture to a life well lived. While ultralight wisdom is revealed, the larger focus is the unexpected life lessons on the power of humility, gratitude, perspective, and service discovered along the way to a lighter pack.

Glen Van Peski, Founder of Gossamer Gear, helped revolutionize backpacking by creating ultralight equipment, which allows people to take less so they can do more in the wilderness. During decades of championing ultralight backpacking, Glen became aware that “take less, do more” is more than just a hiking slogan. As he reduced his pack weight, he realized that the lessons learned applied to all areas of life. Now he wants to share the lessons he learned to help others live full and vibrant lives—lives characterized by purpose, meaning, and joy.

Discover transformative life lessons, which may go against the grain of popular thinking but have been proven to change lives for the better. You’ll learn:

  • Often the best strategy for achieving goals comes from subtracting rather than adding.
  • When your first instinct is generosity, the long-term dividends will be greater than if you strive to gain your own advantage.
  • Revising the stories you tell yourself about situations will reframe your life and increase gratitude.
  • By investing creatively in relationships, you will generate more joy in your life.
  • Making friends with failure will cause you to grow and improve.

take less. do more. It’s a revolutionary idea that will transform your life and free your soul to find your purpose—and maybe a little bit of adventure too.



Glen shares my love of road trips and my reverence for the power of wilderness to heal and inspire. take less. do more. Is packed with tips to get you out into that wilderness with less weight. Glen’s book is filled with wisdom on life and how to be the best version of yourself. Working hard to fill up a half-empty world. LOWERCASE-LOVING-GLEN invites you to join in.

–Matthew McConaughey, Actor and New York Times bestselling author


Who knew wisdom weighed so little? In this engaging memoir, engineer and outdoor gear innovator Glen Van Peski takes us on a beautiful journey with his pursuit of the lightest-possible backpack – and the surprisingly deep life revelations discovered along the way. By examining everything we carry – literal backpacks but also metaphorical loads like expectations, clutter, and buy-schedules – and focusing only on what’s essential, we make room for stronger relationships and richer experiences, proving we all have more to gain by carrying less.

–Henna Pryor, 2x TEDx and Global Keynote Speaker and author of Good Awkward


By mastering the art of minimalism, Glen Van Peski wound up with all the things money can’t buy: a loving spouse, happiness, deep friendships, an open mind, contentment, calmness, generosity, kindness, a legacy, health, and true freedom. This book helps you stop to consider what constitutes a well-lived life and how you can actually have one. It’s simpler than you think.

–David McLain, National Geographic Photographer


As a backpacker, I mark my years as “BG” and “AG”. Before Glen, I thought a boyhood in the woods and a career filming hikes on every continent had given me decent skiils, but then came an epic trip with this thru-hiking legend. Now After Glen, I have a whole new philosophy around wants and needs. His book take less. do more. will change the way you think about backpacking, and life.

–Bill Weir, CNN Correspondent, host of The Wonder List, and Author of Life as We Know It (Can Be)


take less. do more. Is not just for the ultralight set. It Is a must-read for anyone who is looking to expand their capacity to love and give back to others. Although Glen is a legend in the ultralight community, he is so much more than that as a human being. He truly lives by his own philosophy and actually does and gives more than he takes. His words are an antidote and a salve that are critical for our times and will help readers to live fuller and richer lives by taking less.

–Dr. Ben Michaelis, psychologist, coach, CEO of thegroup.io and author of Your Next Big Thing: 10 Small Steps to Get Moving and Get Happy


My epiphany started with a garage filled with possessions; Glen’s was prompted by a backpack that was too heavy. His book take less. do more. details his journey to lighten high backpacking load and his realizations along the way of the greater applications to all of life. In it, you will find inspiration to shed stuff, not so you can simply own less, but to help create a life filled with more of what matters.

–Joshua Becker, Minimalist, Speaker, and Bestselling Author of Things That Matter


Glen epitomizes what it means to “leave it better than you found it”. In take less. do more. you see how he incorporates this in every aspect of his life. In a world where we often don’t see nor hear enough about kindness and decency, Glen personifies this and is someone who people of all ages and backgrounds can learn from.

–Matt Abrams, The Abrams Group, Advisor, Investor, Cofounder, Board Member


About the Author

Glen Van Peski is known by the trail name “Legend” for his legendary contributions to the backpacking community. A native Californian, Van Peski grew up in the western outdoors, and when his oldest son joined Scouts, he led the Troop’s backpacking program. Through those experiences, he became intrigued by lightweight backpacking. He started sewing his own gear and eventually started Gossamer Gear, manufacturing ultralight backpacking equipment. Glen and his company have been featured in Backpacker, Outside, and National Geographic Adventure magazines, and the New York Times.

Van Peski is an internationally sought-after speaker known for his inspiring, humorous, information-packed presentations. He has hiked most of the Pacific Crest Trail, has wandered the backcountry in Japan and Europe, and bikepacked on the Great Divide. He lives in Bend, Oregon with Francie, his wife of over forty years, and is the father to two grown sons.



Publication Date: 4/16/2024

Pages: 256

Binding: Hardback



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