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  • Cold Soaking Jars
  • 4 Sizes - S to XL
  • Small 12 oz/360 ml
  • Medium 16 oz/475 ml
  • Large 20 oz/600 ml
  • X-Large 26 oz/775 ml

Cold Soaking Jars

    • Shave weight, save time and hassle
    • Straight sides, no lip, easy cleanup
    • Smooth bottom, scrape all food out
    • Ribbed lid, good grip
    • Leakproof lined lid


    Cold Soaking Jars allow you to shave weight and save time and energy by going stove-less. Cooking meals on the trail may be a favorite part of the day for some. But for others, it’s a headache that requires a lot of extra gear. Many foods you’d normally rehydrate or cook with boiling water can be prepared just as easily with cold water and a little time – that's cold soaking. All you need is a sealed container to soak food in and 30-60 minutes.

    Just add water to your food at least a half hour before you plan to stop for the day or eat your next meal, then keep on hiking. It’ll be ready to eat the moment you set your pack down. No more assembling a stove, waiting for water to boil and food to rehydrate, monitoring fuel levels, or scrubbing burnt pots. If you find these things to be a burden, then break from the routine and leave the stove and pot behind.

    Our Cold Soaking Jars are translucent polypropylene that meet FDA standards and are BPA free. You can see what’s in it and how much is left. Straight sides with no lip means food doesn’t get caught and cleanup is a breeze. Unlike Telenti and peanut butter jars, the inner walls and bottom are both smooth so it’s easy to scrape all food out with a spoon (except a tiny bump in the bottom center). The lid is ribbed for good grip while screwing on and off. And an F-217 polyethylene foam liner in the lid seals the jar so it won’t leak in your pack. While you get bonus gelato with a Telenti jar, you won’t get a lid with a seal. Same with a peanut butter jar. 


    Compare Litesmith Telenti Peanut Butter
      No lip YES YES No 
      Smooth inner bottom YES No  No 
      Lined lid YES No  No 
      Bonus gelato Nope  Yum! Nope
      Bonus peanut butter Nope  Nope  Yum!
      Weight, 16 oz (475 ml) 1.84 oz (52.1 g) 1.88 oz (53.3 g) 1.2 oz (34 g)


    cold-soaking-jars-comparison.jpg   cold-soaking-jars-comparison3.jpg   cold-soaking-jars-lid-comparison.jpg

    telenti-bottom.jpg   peanut-butter-bottom.jpg


    Cold Soak

    • Oatmeal/grits
    • Ramen
    • Macaroni
    • Couscous
    • Instant mash potatoes/rice
    • Refried beans
    • Dried veggies/fruit
    • Soups
    • Hummus/tabouli
    • Freeze dried/dehydrated foods


    Thru Hiker Favs (web finds)

    • Rolled oats, dried fruit, vanilla instant pudding powder, and dehydrated milk, add cereal or granola after cold soaking
    • Frito Nutella Peanut Pie - layers of Fritos, sun-melted Nutella, and peanut butter becomes a bar overnight when cool
    • Pad Thai - ramen with sriracha and peanut butter
    • Instant mash potatoes with mayonnaise for max calories and creaminess
    • Roasted garlic and olive oil couscous with mayonnaise and a salmon packet
    • Dehydrated beans mixed with instant rice and taco seasoning
    • Dehydrated lentils with curry powder and coconut milk powder
    • Curry - instant rice, coconut milk powder, curry powder, dried veggies
    • Cheesy Broccoli Rice – instant rice, cheese powder, butter powder, dehydrated broccoli




         Material: Polypropylene (PP), meets FDA standards, BPA free

         Color: Natural (translucent)


         Material: Polypropylene (PP) with F-217 polyethylene (PE) foam liner, meets FDA standards, BPA free

         Color: White or Black


         Large: Small nests inside Large

         X-Large: Medium nests inside X-Large, Small will too but not recommended because it's difficult to get out

     Size  Volume Meal Size Neck Size Outside Diameter Inside Diameter Inside Depth Height Weight
    Lid Jar Jar Jar Jar + Lid Jar + Lid
    S 12 oz (360 ml) Small Meals 89/400 3.6 in. (91.9 mm) 3.32 in. (84.3 mm) 3.23 in. (82.0 mm) 3.06 in. (77.6 mm) 3.31 in. (84.0 mm) 1.89 oz (53.5 g)
    M 16 oz (475 ml) Most Popular, Telenti size 89/400 3.6 in. (91.9 mm) 3.27 in. (83.1 mm) 3.23 in. (82.0 mm) 3.92 in. (99.6 mm) 4.12 in. (104.6 mm) 1.84 oz (52.1 g)
    L 20 oz (600 ml) Same height as M, larger diameter 100/400 4.1 in. (103.5 mm) 3.72 in. (94.5 mm) 3.68 in. (93.5 mm) 4.00 in. (101.6 mm) 4.24 in. (107.7 mm) 2.44 oz (69.3 g)
    XL 26 oz (775 ml) Large Meals 100/400 4.1 in. (103.5 mm) 3.70 in. (94.0 mm) 3.68 in. (93.5 mm) 5.00 in. (126.9 mm) 5.22 in. (132.7 mm) 2.70 oz (76.4 g)

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    1. "The Best Cold-Soaking Jars Period"  star rating

      Posted by Terry Pollard on 15th Sep 2022

      I purchased the Large Cold-Soaking Jars 20 oz (600 ml). The shipping was super fast, and the jars are an absolute quality product. Perfect flat bottom, large 3 11/16 " opening and clear. New to the world of "Cold-Soaking", I found these jars go best with a product by Humangear called "GoBites Click Spoon." The spoon fits right inside the (600 ml jar), also I purchased an extra jar, just drill some holes in the lid and "Ta-da" you have a cold-soak strainer. Thank you Litesmith.com for an awesome product.

    2. Works both Cold Soak and Hot meals  star rating

      Posted by Bob P on 16th Jul 2022

      I have been spent years looking for containers that would allow me to carry a cold soak jar that doesn't leak, and allow me to make a hot meal on colder mornings / evenings

      FInally found it - Thank you

    3. Great jars!  star rating

      Posted by Joe S on 28th May 2022

      The 600 ml size nests perfectly in a 500 ml pot/cup (GSI brand, ~3.7 inch inner diameter), is big enough for re-hydrating my typical meals, and is easy to keep clean. When you're done you can also store a 110 g fuel canister, lighter, etc in the jar and use the lid to hold everything in place without rattling around.

    4. No Leaks!  star rating

      Posted by Cola on 10th Apr 2022

      I bought the 16oz and it’s a perfect size. No leaks at all, and worth the price to have a cleaner profile inside than the free gelato jars. Thank you!

    5. Great Jars  star rating

      Posted by Bruce W on 13th Oct 2021

      I purchased 3 sizes over the past few months & love them. I use them for cold soaking food. The wide mouth makes it easy to fill, mix & eat from. The jars do not leak & are light weight. Some sizes nest well. Check internal/external dimensions.

    6. Must have gear  star rating

      Posted by greg James storino on 28th Sep 2021

      These containers are awesome. Even if you don't cold soak, they serve as a perfect, lightweight container for eating meals. Doubles as a 24 ounce water storage container. A good technique is to save weight by putting all your freeze dried in ziplock bags. Use these containers to soften the freeze dried with hot or cold water.

    7. great for cold-hearted soaking  star rating

      Posted by Bruce E West on 26th Sep 2021

      The jar is great for cold-soaking. The lid does not leak. Just bottom is smooth & flat.

    8. Easy to eat from and to clean  star rating

      Posted by Ted C. on 11th Sep 2021

      The headline says it all. No groves, no dimples, no ridges, nothing to get in the way of your spoon searching for yummy morsels and nothing to make cleaning harder or nearly impossible. Fits into my Mountain Laurel Designs 520mm Titanium cup and weighs 3 grams less than my other jar. The weight saved isn’t a big deal but the ease and thoroughness of cleaning really is! Good job, Litesmith! And thanks for the fast delivery.

    9. Cold Soak Wonder  star rating

      Posted by Kat on 31st Aug 2021

      Great container for cold soaking. The lid was tight with no leaking and the straight sides and even bottom made eating (and clean up) a breeze!

    10. No Brainer  star rating

      Posted by Jeff on 10th Aug 2021

      What’s to even think about? This product is inexpensive, and it works. It seals so there are no leaks. The peanut butter jar might, or might not. Is that a chance you want to take?

      I ordered on a Saturday, and it went into the mail that day. Great product, and great service. What else can I say?

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 22 | Next

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