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Mini Dropper Bottles

    • Liquid by the drop
    • Repackage larger bottles
    • Take only what you need
    • Color-coded contents
    • Ideal for Aquamira, soap, insect repellent, even hot sauce


    Mini Dropper Bottles are for dispensing liquid by the drop. They are useful for repackaging so you take only what you need on your trip. No sense taking a large bottle of something and only using a little bit. The bottles are easy to squeeze and won’t leak in your pack.

    Perfect for Aquamira, soap, hand sanitizer, contact solution, insect repellent, olive oil, lemon juice, hot sauce, or whatever you need in small quantity. They dispense one uniform, controlled drop per second and work best with lower viscosity liquids. The bottles are either natural (translucent) so you can see there’s something in it and how much is left or black to block UV light. Order with an optional color band to color-code the contents plus make it easy to find and hard to lose. Or mark the bottle with what’s inside using either a permanent marker, tape, or label.

    Aquamira Part A and the mix of Part A and Part B are sensitive to UV light and heat so should be stored in black dropper bottles and kept out of prolonged sun. Part B is not sensitive to UV light or heat so can be stored in natural or black bottles.


    To fill a bottle, remove the cap, then remove the dropper tip by pushing it sideways. Use a Micro Funnel to make pouring easy. Once full, replace the dropper tip and cap.



    Material: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), food safe, meets FDA standards

    Color: Natural (translucent) or Black

    Volume Good Use Drop Size Neck Size Height Diameter Opening Diameter Weight/No Color Weight/Color
    0.1 oz (3 ml) Hot Sauce 42 μl 8/425 1.91 in. (48.5 mm) 0.54 in. (13.6 mm) 0.23 in. (5.9 mm) 0.07 oz (2 g) 0.07 oz (2 g) 
    0.2 oz (6 ml) Soap 40 μl 13/425 2.33 in. (59.1 mm) 0.7 in. (17.8 mm) 0.32 in. (8.1 mm) 0.13 oz (3.7 g) 0.14 oz (4 g) 
    0.35 oz (10 ml) Aquamira* 40 μl 13/425 2.26 in. (57.4 mm) 0.99 in. (25.1 mm) 0.31 in. (8 mm) 0.14 oz (4 g) 0.15 oz (4.2 g) 
    0.5 oz (15 ml) Hand Sanitizer 40 μl 15/415 3.09 in. (78.5 mm) 1 in. (25.3 mm) 0.37 in. (9.4 mm) 0.24 oz (6.7 g) 0.24 oz (6.9 g) 

    *Aquamira recommends 7 drops/l. These bottles produce smaller drops than the standard Aquamira bottles so about 11-12 drops/l should be used. Test for yourself.


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    1. Love these!  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 6th May 2022

      I love theses tiny dropper bottles. The smallest of them allows me to take things I would normally kiss on longer backpacking trips. Things like night oil for my aging face. (I know, I shouldn’t need this kind of thing. But, people who tell me that are usually 15 to 20 years younger than I am, so how could they possibly understand!!)
      I only wish they had the expanded tips for the smallest of the bottles.

    2. Very Convenient  star rating

      Posted by Jakob on 4th Apr 2022

      Got 3 6ml droppers for Dr. Bronner's, hand sanitizer, and contact solution. Each works perfectly. I made a slightly larger hole with a needle for the contact solution so it flows more like the big bottles they typically come in. No leaks, dropper cap pops off easily for filling but stays on tight when in use. Colored collars are essential for me so I don't use hand sanitizer for my contact solution....

    3. perfect for backpacking!  star rating

      Posted by angela mountain on 3rd Apr 2022

      Love these. I love them so much that I turned around and bought my best friend some

    4. great light weight products  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 4th Dec 2021

      Excellent product and shipping is so fast!

    5. Great for eye drops  star rating

      Posted by Ryan Johnson on 7th Nov 2021

      Saved a good chunk of grams by repackaging my rhotos into a 3ml dropper. Should be plenty for a while on trail. A full bottle of eye drops comes in at 4 grams

    6. great for hiking  star rating

      Posted by Bruce E West on 26th Sep 2021

      I bought these to carry oil & hot sauce on a backpacking trip. No drips or spills. I like the colored bands, in case I carry 2 liquids that are similar color.

    7. Litesmith rocks  star rating

      Posted by Blake W Anderson on 13th Sep 2021

      This company has nailed every little itty bitty dag nabbin piece of gear I've ever bought from them. I don't bother shopping anywhere else for these kinds of things because Litesmith has already done the meticulous and seemingly never ending research for you, and they don't offer items that are anything less than stellar, know matter what you're buying from them.
      I use mostly the smallest size of these dropper bottles for biodegradable soap, face oil for my chronically dry forehead, and for sriracha. Color coded of course! I've also bought extra for my partner and a friend who are trying to head towards UL, both of whom seem [almost] equally as fascinated with these tiny, amazing, totally bombproof and leak proof dropper bottles. Who knew a tiny dropper bottle could be so cool. Heck yeah, Litesmith, and thank you!!!

    8. Didn't leak oil!  star rating

      Posted by Kyleigh VanderWell on 29th Aug 2021

      This is tiny and doesn't leak the jojoba oil I packed for facial cleansing and moisturizing. The oil usually finds a way out of the bottle regardless of what I put it in, but this performed well. Was perfect to stash in my ditty bag. I like that litesmith let's you specify what color you want... So if I needed to pack multiple liquids, I would be able to identify them easily. Litesmith was great to purchase from and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

    9. Works!!  star rating

      Posted by Dave on 19th Jul 2021

      Used the 0.35 oz. for eye drops. Filled up easy. Light and saves space. Clear and easy to see how much is in it.

    10. just right  star rating

      Posted by Sandra D. on 8th Jun 2021

      I had to cut a bigger opening but this little bottle is the perfect thing to tote my tooth powder while on trail. A step up from the little jar because I can better control thr amount & I no longer lose powder on each opening.

    Showing reviews 1-10 of 26 | Next

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