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Mini Dropper Bottles

  • Liquid by the drop
  • Repackage larger bottles
  • Take only what you need
  • Color-coded contents
  • Ideal for Aquamira, soap, insect repellent, even hot sauce


Mini Dropper Bottles are for dispensing liquid by the drop. They are useful for repackaging so you take only what you need on your trip. No sense taking a large bottle of something and only using a little bit. The bottles are easy to squeeze and won’t leak in your pack.

Perfect for Aquamira, soap, hand sanitizer, contact solution, insect repellent, olive oil, lemon juice, hot sauce, or whatever you need in small quantity. They dispense one uniform, controlled drop per second and work best with lower viscosity liquids. The bottles are either natural (translucent) so you can see there’s something in it and how much is left or black to block UV light. Order with an optional color band to color-code the contents plus make it easy to find and hard to lose. Or mark the bottle with what’s inside using either a permanent marker, tape, or label.

Aquamira Part A and the mix of Part A and Part B are sensitive to UV light and heat so should be stored in black dropper bottles and kept out of prolonged sun. Part B is not sensitive to UV light or heat so can be stored in natural or black bottles.


To fill a bottle, remove the cap, then remove the dropper tip by pushing it sideways. Use a Micro Funnel to make pouring easy. Once full, replace the dropper tip and cap.



Material: Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), food safe, meets FDA standards

Color: Natural (translucent) or Black

Volume Good Use Drop Size Neck Size Height Diameter Opening Diameter Weight/No Color Weight/Color
0.1 oz (3 ml) Hot Sauce 42 μl 8/425 1.91 in. (48.5 mm) 0.54 in. (13.6 mm) 0.23 in. (5.9 mm) 0.07 oz (2 g) 0.07 oz (2 g) 
0.2 oz (6 ml) Soap 40 μl 13/425 2.33 in. (59.1 mm) 0.7 in. (17.8 mm) 0.32 in. (8.1 mm) 0.13 oz (3.7 g) 0.14 oz (4 g) 
0.35 oz (10 ml) Aquamira* 40 μl 13/425 2.26 in. (57.4 mm) 0.99 in. (25.1 mm) 0.31 in. (8 mm) 0.14 oz (4 g) 0.15 oz (4.2 g) 
0.5 oz (15 ml) Hand Sanitizer 40 μl 15/415 3.09 in. (78.5 mm) 1 in. (25.3 mm) 0.37 in. (9.4 mm) 0.24 oz (6.7 g) 0.24 oz (6.9 g) 

*Aquamira recommends 7 drops/l. These bottles produce smaller drops than the standard Aquamira bottles so about 11-12 drops/l should be used. Test for yourself.


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  1. Great for cutting weight for travel and backpacking  star rating

    Posted by Jennifer Knuth on 23rd Aug 2019

    Bought a few sizes of these bottles for a backpacking trip. I don't like bringing unnecessary amounts of things and these worked perfectly of various things.

  2. Perfect for soap  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Aug 2019

    This bottle is perfect for camp soap. No leaks so far and easy to dispense just a drop at a time. The colors are a nice touch!

  3. Ever have your backpack supply of liquids go too fast?  star rating

    Posted by Thom on 17th Aug 2019

    Before I'd have too much squirt out using "travel bottles". With precisely metered drops my doctor brauner's soap lasts for an entire backpacking trip. + They don't leak. + They are super light and carry smaller portions than "travel bottles". I use them for soap, eye drops, hand sanitizer, arnica and more.

  4. something for everything  star rating

    Posted by Bobbe Seibert on 14th Aug 2019

    I've purchased these bottles for through hiking and loved them. Then I started using them for travel as well. You rarely need even a travel size bottle of most things, generally for a week or two vacation about half as much works for me. So now I use them for just about any travel or hiking opportunity. The savings in weight and volume are worth it every time.

  5. Excellent dropper to lubricate my electric razor.  star rating

    Posted by Claude Humeau on 25th Jul 2019

    I discovered Litesmith site that offers lots of very practical objects. The droppers are not only beautiful they are also very useful.

  6. Exactly the Right Size  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 19th May 2019

    I got one of these droppers for hand sanitizer, and it works like a charm. The orange color band helps me distinguish it from my other bottles. Arrived quickly and was well-packaged, too.

  7. So Useful  star rating

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Mar 2019

    Love these, perfect for my eye drops (6 ml) and contact lens solution (10 ml). I suffer from dry eyes and rarely bring contact lenses on camping trips because of that. With a lightweight, portable option to exercise proper contact lens care and keep my eyes from drying out, I can happily hike with my contacts now. The material is a nice soft, flexible plastic, so I can squeeze the tubes without worrying about them cracking. I did try filling another 10 ml dropper bottle with hand sanitizer, but that was a little difficult. I'll probably try the LDPE cylinder bottles for that instead.

  8. Perfect dispenser for liquid sweetener  star rating

    Posted by Heather on 12th Mar 2019

    I purchased several of these bottles for liquid sweetener (sucralose). I wanted something small and portable that would dispense less than the dropper that comes with the original sweetener bottle. These work perfectly. They're tiny, easy to fill, and dispense a smaller drop than the original packaging. The service from Litesmith was prompt, too. A good experience all around.

  9. Simply works  star rating

    Posted by Kristen on 23rd Aug 2018

    I bought a couple small dropper bottles for backpacking. I store CampSuds & my castile soap face wash in them. They have been great–no leaking, which is really important. They're easy to refill and clean since the tip pops off. I really like how this website allows such versatility in choosing different shaped bottles with different types of lids, and colored o-rings for labeling, if necessary. Shipping was fast too.

  10. Shave wight  star rating

    Posted by Dave on 24th Jun 2017

    I'm adding one half full of eye drops to my camping and travel stuff to save a little more weight.

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