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  • No more spills
  • See the material flow
  • Mini for most bottles
  • Micro for the smallest bottles


Funnels make filling bottles easier when repackaging. No more spills. They’re made of translucent polypropylene so you can see the material flowing through the funnel.

The Mini Funnel has a much larger stem hole, allowing liquids and powders to quickly flow into the bottle. Mini is the best fit for nearly all our bottles (except the smallest 0.1 oz (3 ml) dropper bottle is a very tight fit).

The Micro Funnel is a good fit for bottles with a smaller neck diameter, such as dropper bottles. Micro has a very small stem hole and is not suitable for thicker liquids or powders. 

Best Fit    Micro    Mini
   Dropper Bottle – 0.1 oz (3 ml) Tight Fit
   All Other Bottles  



Material: Polypropylene (PP)

Color: Translucent

Size Micro Mini
   Diameter 0.89 in. (22.6 mm) 1.23 in. (31.1 mm)
   Height 1.26 in. (32 mm) 1.55 in. (39.4 mm)
   Stem Outside Diameter 0.1 in. (2.45 mm) 0.26 in. (6.5 mm)
   Stem Hole (Inside Diameter) 0.06 in. (1.45 mm) 0.195 in. (5 mm)
   Stem Length 0.55 in. (14 mm) 0.63 in. (16 mm)
   Weight 0.02 oz (0.7 g) 0.044 oz (1.25 g)