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  • Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon
  • Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon
  • Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon
  • Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon

Long-Handle Bamboo Spoon

    • Strong & light
    • Won’t burn your lips
    • No after taste, doesn’t absorb or impart flavors
    • Naturally stain-resistant & anti-microbial
    • Kinder to your pots
    • Natural feel
    • USDA certified organic & sustainable


    Bamboo is strong, yet light, on par with most titanium spoons. It doesn’t absorb or retain heat like metal so it’s easier on your lips. It won’t pick up or impart flavors and there’s no funky after taste. Naturally stain-resistant and anti-microbial. Kinder to your pots. It has a long handle to get to bottom of that pouch, pot or jar. And it feels much more like nature than titanium or plastic. Plus it’s certified organic and renewable.

    This long-handle spoon is hand-shaped from a single piece of USDA certified organic Moso bamboo. It is hand-burnished to a naturally smooth finish and coated only with certified-organic food-safe oil, no lacquer. We recommend handwashing your bamboo spoon. Periodically apply a coating of food-grade mineral oil or coconut oil to preserve the wood. Let it soak in before wiping off. Never use vegetable or olive oil, they can turn rancid.

    Bamboo grows from a network of roots to a height of 80 ft/25 m in just 2 months, then begins to thicken, getting harder and denser. Although there are over a thousand species of bamboo, only Moso is ideal for durable utensils. Moso bamboo is ready to harvest in 3-5 years without killing the plant, leaving the root system to begin again. It is cut and carried out of the forest on foot by family farmers, preserving the delicate root system of the grove. It is a very sustainable process, without artificial pesticides, fertilizer, or chemicals, and no clear cutting. And Moso bamboo is not part the panda’s diet or habitat.


    organic4colorsealgif.png     usda-certified-biobased-product-1448x720.png



    Wash: Hand wash in hot soapy water, towel dry, then air dry. No prolonged soaking. Dishwasher NOT recommended.

    Oil: Periodically rub with food-grade mineral oil or coconut oil. Allow to soak in before wiping off. No vegetable or olive oil.



    Material: Moso bamboo, USDA certified organic

    Finish: Food-safe oil only, USDA certified organic

    Length: 9.1 in. (23 cm)

    Width: 1.5 in. (3.8 cm)

    Weight: 0.53 oz (15 g) avg, 0.46-0.71 oz (13-20 g), variation due to natural differences in bamboo

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    1. Great Backpacking Spoon  star rating

      Posted by CroweMag on 18th Sep 2023

      Nice long handle keeps your hands clean while digging into backpacking meal bags. Lightweight and nice transition from titanium spoon that was noticeably hot after stirring hot meals. My experience is the wood spoon gets a little discolored over time picking up cumin and curry colors from meals...no lingering taste however.

      Get one, try it out, you'll probably love it.

      Now go out and enjoy the wilderness.

    2. Love the bamboo spoons  star rating

      Posted by Rick Mathey on 15th Sep 2023

      My son ordered a bamboo spoon to take on his long hikes instead of the aluminum one he had previously. He's going on another month long hike in October. When he showed it to me, I immediately liked it and ordered 4. They arrived very quickly and they are fantastic. Light weight, long handled and all natural bamboo. I'm not only using them for hiking but on our camping trips and just everyday use around the house. Highly recommended.

    3. The perfect spoon  star rating

      Posted by Unknown on 2nd Dec 2021

      It's lightweight, durable, and doesn't stain. I've had mine for going on a year now and it's still good as new. Most importantly to me, it has no mysterious coatings.

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