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  • Seam Grip+SIL™ Silicone Seam Sealer
  • Seam Grip+SIL™ Silicone Seam Sealer

Seam Grip+SIL™ Silicone Seam Sealer

    • Only seam sealer that adheres to silicone-impregnated fabrics
    • Formulated for Silnylon
    • Ideal for ultralight tents, tarps, packs, and garments
    • Unaffected by extreme heat or cold
    • Enough for one backpacking tent/tarp


    Seam sealer seals the holes formed by the sewing machine needle as it stitched the fabric. Left unsealed, rain works its way through those holes and will begin to drip on you in the middle of the night. Who wants to sleep in a puddle? Once properly sealed, you can rest easy.

    Seam sealer also repairs pinhole rips in fabric. Simply applying a small amount over the hole will seal it from leaking.

    Seam Grip+SIL™ Silicone Seam Sealer (formerly SilNet) is specially formulated for Silnylon. It’s the only seam sealer that adheres to silicone-impregnated or silicone-coated fabrics. Only silicone sticks to silicone. Seam Grip+SIL will not bond properly to non-siliconized fabrics (use Seam Grip+WP). Extreme heat or cold will not affect the performance of Seam Grip. Washing is OK.


    Fabric Seam Grip+SIL Seam Grip+WP
       Nylon   =
       Silnylon =  
       Polyester   =
       Silpoly =  
       DCF   =
       Vinyl   =
       Neoprene   =
       PVC   =
       Canvas   =
       Rubber   =
       Leather   =


    One tube seals an average 2-person backpacking tent/tarp. Don’t wait to the night before a trip to seal your tent/tarp. While it takes some time, carefully applying Seam Grip to a new tent/tarp is a right of passage. Take pride knowing that your effort will ensure a dry night when it pours.



    Seam Sealing/Repair



    Net Weight: 1.5 oz (42.5 g)



    • Irritates eyes. Over exposure may cause skin irritation, drowsiness. May irritate nose and throat.
    • Avoid eye and skin contact. DO NOT handle contact lenses with product on hands. In case of eye contact, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Obtain medical attention. In case of skin contact, wipe off and flush with water. Obtain medical attention if irritation occurs.
    • Avoid breathing vapor. Provide adequate ventilation to reduce vapors below discomfort level. In case of inhalation discomfort, remove to fresh air.
    • Product releases oxine (alcohol-like odor) during curing. Fully cured product is non-hazardous.
    • Keep out of reach of children.

    In no event shall Litesmith, LLC be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, or special consequential damages, to property or life, whatsoever arising out of or connected with the use or misuse of its products.

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