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  • Vesica 1L Collapsible Bottle - 28 mm Purple
  • Vesica collapses down for packing
  • Clean filtered water with a Sawyer Mini
  • You won't lose the cap
  • Vesica 1L Collapsible Bottle - 28 mm Green
  • Vesica collapses down for packing
  • Drink straight from the bottle
  • Works in a running vest

Vesica 1L Collapsible Bottle - 28mm Narrow Mouth

    • Collapses down for easy packing
    • Flexible yet robust TPU, thicker than Vecto
    • Sawyer Squeeze, Mini, and Micro compatible
    • Squeeze all out, no unscrewing filter for more air
    • Cord loop helps pull from pockets
    • Tethered cap can’t be lost


    Vesica is a reusable, lightweight water bottle that behaves much like a standard water bottle yet collapses down when empty for easy stashing. Vesica has a universal 28 mm narrow mouth screw-on cap, like a water/soda bottle. The cap is tethered to the bottle so it can’t be lost. A cord loop near the top aids in pulling the bottle from a pack side pocket. And this slim bottle fits in many backpack strap bottle sleeves or bike water bottle cages.

    The bottle is soft in the middle, yet stiff in the neck and bottom. The tough TPU material is a little thicker than the Vecto Water Bladders. It’s easy to squeeze but stands on its own when full. And it’s much easier to squeeze than Smartwater bottles. When full, with the cap off, you do have to be careful of accidentally squeezing water out while gripping the soft bottle, so we recommend holding it from the top. The stiff top and bottom make it easier to pull from pack side pockets and put back in. TPU is FDA approved and BPA free. Want to customize your bottle, add an orange or blue Tethered Cap to your order.

    Vesica 28 mm is compatible with popular water filters including: Sawyer Squeeze, Mini, and Micro, LifeStraw Flex, and HydroBlu Versa Flow. Just fill the bottle with dirty water, screw on the filter, squeeze the bottle, and drink clean water straight from the filter. Or filter into another bottle for drinking. Unlike a Smartwater bottle, you can squeeze all the water out without having to stop to unscrew the filter to allow more air into the bottle. With Vesica, just keep squeezing. That's its superpower. You can also set up a gravity feed filter using a Vecto for dirty water and a Vesica for clean. Hang from the hole in the Vecto slider or tie a cord through the hole for a larger loop.

    So stop using disposable water bottles and take a reusable, lightweight Vesica water bottle instead. TPU is safer for drinking than PET, which can degrade with reuse and potentially leach into the water. You may just find this becomes your favorite EDC water bottle to stay hydrated too.



    Volume: 32 oz (1 L)

    Weight: 2.14 oz (60.7 g)

    Thread: 28 mm


         Bottle: TPU – FDA approved, BPA, BPS, and BPF free

         Cap: Polypropylene (PP)


         Extended: ø2.9 x 10 in. tall (ø5 x 25.5 cm tall)

         Collapsed: ø2.9 x 4 in. tall (ø5 x 10 cm tall)

    Operating Temperature: 20 to 140°F (-6 to 60°C)

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