SOTO 750ml Ultralight Titanium Pot

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  • Minimalist 1-2 person pot
  • Strong, thin wall titanium
  • Premium pot lifter stays cool
  • Stand-up lid handle
  • ml markings
  • 110 g Fuel + Stove + Lighter + Pot Lifter nests inside


The SOTO 750 ml Ultralight Titanium Pot is the lightest available in this size. It’s for ultralight adventurers seeking a 1-2 person minimalist pot. The thin-wall design without handles is featherweight. Graduation markings on the inside in just ml help make measuring easier. At 3.17 cups, it holds enough water for a freeze-dried meal plus a hot drink after.

Use the included premium ultralight pot lifter to remove a hot pot from the stove and pour into a meal pouch. The pot lifter handle is spring loaded for easier grabbing. Unlike pot handles, the removeable lifter stays cool. The lid handle locks in a stand-up position for easy grabbing and folds flat for storage. A slot in the lid edge is a good spot for grabbing or can be used for straining.

You can store a 110 g fuel canister + SOTO Windmaster stove + lighter + premium pot lifter inside this pot for packing. And a 6 in. Cross Band will hold the lid on in your pack. Care must be taken when packing this ultralight pot in your backpack to maintain the shape of the pot.



Volume: 750 ml (23.4 oz/3.17 cups)


     Pot + Lid + Pot Lifter: 3.1 oz (88 g)

     Pot: 1.98 oz (56 g)

     Lid: 0.45 oz (13 g)

     Pot Lifter: 0.67 oz (19 g)


     Pot & Lid: Titanium, uncoated

     Pot Lifter: High-grade aluminum & stainless steel

Wall Thickness: 0.012 in. (0.3 mm) thin wall

Graduations: ml only markings inside


     Inside Diameter: 3.74 in. (95 mm)

     Inside Height to Rim: 4.76 in. (121 mm)

     Inside Height to Lid: 4.57 in. (116 mm)

     Outside Diameter: 4.02 in. (102 mm)

     Outside Height w/Lid: 4.8 in. (122 mm)

     Premium Pot Lifter (LxWxD): 4.25 x 0.99 x 0.83 in. (108 x 25 x 21 mm)

Nests Inside: 110 g fuel canister + Soto Windmaster stove + Lighter + Premium pot lifter

Includes: Pot, Lid, Premium Pot Lifter

Made in Japan