TOAKS 750ml Titanium Pot

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  • 1-2 person pot/mug
  • Strong, lightweight titanium
  • Compact folding handles
  • Stand-up lid handle
  • oz and ml markings
  • 110 g Fuel + Stove + Lighter nests inside


The TOAKS 750 ml Titanium Pot is ideal for lightweight adventurers seeking one pot that does it all – pot, bowl, mug. The award-winning design is light yet sturdy while offering good volume for 1-2 person cooking. Graduation markings on the inside in oz and ml help make measuring easier. At 3.17 cups, it holds enough water for a freeze-dried meal plus a hot drink after. Go ahead and cook up some hearty pasta, ramen, rice, or mac n’ cheese after a long day on the trail.

The 750 ml has become a thru hiker favorite for it’s shape and size. It doubles as both a pot and a mug. It’s not too pot-like to work as a mug and not too mug-like to work well as a pot. Wider pots can be hard to drink from without spilling and mugs can be too tall and unstable when boiling water. The 750 ml is just the right size and shape to work well as both. This pot will even hold its shape better than wider pots when stuffed in a pack.

You can store a 110 g fuel canister + compact stove + lighter inside this pot for packing. Nest a TOAKS 375 ml cup or TOAKS 450 ml cup inside. Or slip the pot over the bottom of a 32 oz (1 L) Nalgene bottle. Use the included storage sack or an optional 6 in. Cross Band to hold the lid on whole in your pack.

The fold-out handles can be held like a mug when you want to drink or pour and conveniently fold away for storage. The lid handle locks in a stand-up position for easy grabbing and folds flat for storage. When hot, use a towel or gloves to grab the pot or lid handles. Or wait just a little bit as titanium cools off quickly.

Pro Tip: place a small towel in the bottom of the pot to eliminate fuel canister rattle while hiking and prevent a rust ring from forming in the pot.



Volume: 750 ml (25.4 oz/3.17 cups)


     Pot + Lid: 3.59 oz (101.6 g)

     Pot: 2.98 oz (84.3 g)

     Lid: 0.61 oz (17.3 g)

     Storage Sack: 0.52 oz (14.7 g)

     Optional Cross Band: 0.29 oz (8.1 g) for 6 in.

     Pot + Lid + Storage Sack: 4.11 oz (116.3 g)

     Pot + Lid + Optional Cross Band: 3.88 oz (109.7 g)

Material: Titanium, uncoated

Wall Thickness: 0.014 in. (0.35 mm) standard wall

Graduations: oz and ml markings inside


     Inside Diameter: 3.70 in. (94 mm)

     Inside Height to Rim: 4.29 in. (109 mm)

     Outside Diameter: 3.94 in. (100 mm)

     Outside Height w/Lid: 4.38 in. (111.3 mm)

Nests Inside: 110 g fuel canister + compact stove + lighter, TOAKS 375 ml cup, TOAKS 450 ml cup, Nalgene 32 oz (1 L) bottle

Nests Outside: TOAKS 1100 ml pot, TOAKS 550 ml D103 mm bowl

Includes: Pot, lid, mesh storage sack (doubles as a scrubby)