Shorty Toothbrush

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  • Short easy-hold handle
  • Wide rubberized comfort grip
  • Long-lasting soft bristles
  • Lightweight
  • Colorful vented cover


You don’t need a full-size toothbrush in the backcountry. Our Shorty Toothbrush is just the ticket at 4 in. (10.2 cm) long and 0.17 oz (4.8 g). Clean teeth without the weight.

The short handle is easy to hold and gives plenty of reach to the back of your mouth. The rubberized grip is wide for comfort with holes for weight savings. The adult-sized compact head has 36 tufts of long-lasting, soft, end-rounded, polished nylon bristles.

bright-colored cover is included to keep the brush clean. The cover has a snap closure and is vented to allow the brush to dry between uses. The combined weight of the toothbrush plus cover is 0.26 oz (7.4 g). Use the brush with Toothpaste Tablets for minty freshness.


thumbprint-toothbrush-cases.jpg  toothpaste-tablets.jpg 

Cover color is selected randomly.



Head: Compact adult size, 36 tufts, soft nylon bristles

Handle Material: Rubberized plastic

Cover Material: Plastic


   Toothbrush: 4 in. (10.2 cm)

   Toothbrush with Cover: 4.1 in. (10.4 cm)


   Toothbrush: 0.17 oz (4.8 g)

   Cover: 0.09 oz (2.7 g)

   Toothbrush with Cover: 0.26 oz (7.4 g)

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  • 5
    Exactly What I Was Looking For

    Posted by Zach J on 20th Jul 2022

    The ultimate toothbrush for lightweight backpacking. No sharp edges, easy to clean, easy to store, etc.

  • 5
    Nice experience

    Posted by Kyleigh VanderWell on 29th Aug 2021

    This little guy is adorable (Ok I love this little brush). I found it to be really nice with soft bristles and a nonslip grip handle. I was skeptical that I'd be able to do an effective job with it, but it really got to the back of my mouth and made everything fresh and happy. I like knowing it is a very lightweight option and that it is compact and does what it is supposed to do. I would repurchase this product from litesmith.

  • 5
    Great toothbrush

    Posted by Unknown on 18th May 2021

    This toothbrush is awesome. The bristles are soft, which keeps my gums and my dentist happy. The handle is plenty long enough and I actually find it more comfortable to use than any other travel toothbrush I've tried. Highly recommend!

  • 5
    As advertised

    Posted by Unknown on 26th Feb 2021

    Great little brush. At first glance I thought it was certainly too small. Turns out the size is perfect. Awesome UL option

  • 5
    Great little toothbrush

    Posted by David Colbert on 8th Feb 2021

    I've tried lots of different toothbrushes to save grams, but this is one of the best. The length is actually pretty adequate, unlike the tiny thumbprint brush. It actually works well brushing too. You could cut down a household toothbrush, but this one is cooler.

  • 4
    Light and cleans teeth

    Posted by G on 14th Sep 2020

    This is a light and pretty small toothbrush. I don't mind the soft bristles as dentists recommend that anyway. A shorter handle like this is always going to be less convenient than a full size brush, but that's the trade-off for something that's small and light. Will certainly keep using this for my trips. Would probably give this 4.5 stars if that was an option.

  • 4
    softer than thumbprint one.

    Posted by sam on 12th Jun 2020

    the bristles are softer than the thumbprint one. purchased both in 2020.