Thumbprint Toothbrush

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  • Short handle, full size head
  • Comfortable rubberized thumb grip
  • Long-lasting soft bristles
  • Ultralight
  • Colorful vented cover


To keep your teeth clean in the backcountry, you don’t need a full-size toothbrush. Our Thumbprint Toothbrush is 3.0 in. (76.2 mm) long and weighs just 0.14 oz (3.9 g).

A bright-colored cover is included to keep the brush clean. The cover has a snap closure and is vented to allow the brush to dry between uses. The combined weight of the toothbrush plus cover is 0.23 oz (6.5 g). Use with our Toothpaste Tablets and your friends will love you for it.



Cover color is selected randomly.



Head: Full adult size, 41 tufts, soft nylon bristles

Handle Material: Rubberized plastic

Cover Material: Plastic


   Toothbrush: 3.0 in. (7.6 cm)

   Toothbrush with Cover: 3.1 in. (7.9 cm)


   Toothbrush: 0.14 oz (3.9 g)

   Cover: 0.09 oz (2.6 g)

   Toothbrush with Cover: 0.23 oz (6.5 g)

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  • 4

    Posted by thomas conover on 13th Apr 2024

    Quite small hope it works on trail.

  • 5
    Easy to hold

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Aug 2022

    I was a bit worried about this short little handle being awkward to use, but the nice grip for your thumb makes it easy.

  • 5
    Brush em up

    Posted by Boulder on 11th Jun 2021

    Perfect smaller sized toothbrush with cover. I’ve used the generic trial size for years and this one is smaller with better bristles. My teeth thanked me..

  • 4
    Cover is EXCELLENT

    Posted by Shelley Chacon on 29th Nov 2020

    I'm picky about my toothbrush with gum problems so am using a softer, cut down of my home one. However the covers are excellent and light. Ventilated but just cover my brushes and so light! I might have to buy the toothbrush just to get more covers. I can't find anywhere else!

  • 5
    Great and lightweight

    Posted by Jackson on 28th Aug 2020

    Super light but still comfortable to use due to the thumbprint design. Bristles are strong too.

  • 4
    tl:dr: small, lightweight. bristles are on the hard side

    Posted by sam on 12th Jun 2020

    probably the lightest toothbrush, great for those who need harder bristles.

  • 5
    super light and functional!

    Posted by JuanV on 21st Feb 2020

    Super light AND functional!.. perfect!

  • 5
    Exactly What I Needed

    Posted by Ice Ax on 19th Oct 2019

    Easy to hold...stores in my hip belt pocket....super light...comes with storage container.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jul 2019

    Nice little toothbrush. Feels good in the hand.

  • 5
    Great lightweight toothbrush

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2019

    Great weight and good comfortable grip for my needs.

  • 5
    Well Designed

    Posted by Art on 18th Mar 2019

    Light, small and fully functional. Recommend getting a few for your friends too.

  • 5
    Very Lite & Small

    Posted by Robert J Snyder on 1st Jan 2019

    Great for UL Backpacking.

  • 5
    It is small

    Posted by JEFF S on 4th Jul 2018

    Small and light, soft bristles , great price

  • 5
    Cheap, lightweight toothbrush

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Apr 2018

    This is exactly what it is supposed to be, an easy to use and lightweight toothbrush for backpacking. You can make your own, but the thumb handle on this toothbrush makes the experience of brushing a lot better.

  • 5
    gets the job done

    Posted by Andrew Farison on 18th Dec 2017

    About as light as you can get and still fully functional, highly recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 30th Jun 2016

    The lightest I've seen. You cannot go wrong with this!

  • 5
    Best UL Toothbrush I've found

    Posted by Oysters on 5th Jun 2016

    I've had various ultralight toothbrushes-lots of DIY cut down jobs, a few manufactured. This is the best so far, and as light as I can remember having. The head is actually a decent head and bristles. The hand is strong, its not overly thin and flexible. The curved bend in it makes it easy to grip and manipulate deep in your mouth. Next time I'll order ten (should have, I'm in Aus, but I've had plenty of disappointments in the past)